Westwood may have some explaining to do, after fans questioned why he was shredding a room full of paper.

The Capital XTRA DJ uploaded two images to his Instagram page, showing bags and bags full of shredded paper.


He captioned one  image “shredding the evidence”. The picture showed a man, believed to be Westwood, sitting next to about ten bin bags and two shredding machines. He was feeding letters from a box into the machines.


Westwood’s fans speculated about what could be in the bin bags, with most of them guessing they were filled with invoices. One fan said:

All your Dj invoices for the week hidden so the tax man can’t see!! Wise

While another added:

Lol thanks for the invoice tip I shall practice that tax man trick

Well seeing as that’s a crime, we doubt Westwood would shred his invoices then show the world. We’re guessing they’re love letters from all his groupies?

We hope you recycled Tim!

What do you guys think were in the bin bags?