A 31-year-old woman has become the first British woman to die of cannabis poisoning after she smoked half a joint to relax herself.

Gemma Moss, a mother of three from Bournemouth, cause of death was ruled as cannabis toxicity and recorded as death by cannabis abuse. Gemma was found dead in her bedroom in October 2013, and is said to have started smoking the Class B drug to help her sleep after she became depressed following a split from her boyfriend.

According to her friend, she had smoked roughly £20 worth of weed in the week leading up to her death. Half a joint was found by her body when she was found.


At an inquest held into Gemma’s death, the pathologist noted that there were no other signs of abnormalities in the victim’s body.

The first known person to die from cannabis in Britain was a 36-year-old man back in 2004.

A Drug Prevention spokesperson said of Gemma’s death:

This case serves as a warning that cannabis can cause immense harm. Cannabis is known to increase heart rate and blood pressure. Cannabis these days is designed to be much stronger to meet demand of users who want a stronger hit.

Gemma was a long time user of the drug and stopped using for two years, only to start again when she became depressed again.