Eastenders are getting rid of Lucy Beale this spring for their 30th anniversary episode.

A statement released by Eastenders revealed:

No one knows exactly what happened to Lucy on the night she died, except very few people – even the person responsible for her death.

Now Lucy may not be our favourite character, but she’s certainly not the worst. And we think there’s plenty of other characters who deserve to be shot, crushed to death or fall off a roof.

Here’s eight people Eastenders should kill off instead of Lucy Beale

1. Shabnam


She may have just been introduced to the show, but isn’t she the most annoying woman in the world?!

2. Denise


I mean it’s pretty obvious that the writers are never going to give her a nice storyline where she falls in love with a Denzel type. They may as well get rid.

3. That new market inspector.


He’s just random.

4. Shirley


I think it’s time Shirley and those lines around her mouth vacated Albert Square.

5. Denny Watts


I know he’s young, but he makes me want to throw my TV out of the window.

6. Carol


Carol moans 24/7 and never lets people help her. It’s annoying.

7. Janine


I mean she’s killed nearly half the male population on the soap. She deserves to be punished surely?

8. Winston


I don’t really want him to die, but if he does at least he’ll get an episode dedicated to him.

Who do you think should be killed off in Eastenders?