Ch4’s latest documentary Bodyshockers is my new favourite thing.

The show brought us the girl who cut holes into her cheeks to get dimples, the man who has the word ‘japs’ tattooed on his eye, and this week’s episode has equally interesting characters. There’s a Marilyn Monroe impersonator with gigantic boobs, a girl who got Lucy Benjamin tattooed on her leg and a guy who inserted a silicone skull under his skin. I mean where are they finding these people?!

Now I must be honest, I was slightly intoxicated when watching the show, so perhaps I found it 10x more amazing than it actually was, nevertheless I’m going to share my top eleven moments from the 4th episode of Bodyshockers.

1. Close-ups of Nicola’s HH boobs


2. Being introduced to the uniquely named Flame and her sister Storm.


3. Seeing someone get hearts tattooed on their tits.


4. An image no weave wearer ever wants to see.


5. Flame walking down the street looking like she’s about to knock someone out.


6. Flame fondling herself after Nicola tells her she has more than a handful of breasts


7. Nicola checking what Flame’s breasts feel like in a scene that could have been awkward, had your parents walked into the room.


8. A really nice scene where weave addict Antoinette is comforted by the doctor after a successful hair transplant procedure.


9. When the doctor tried to separate Antoinette and her sister, like Mr in Colour Purple.


10. Katie Piper’s face when Flame tells her she regrets having breast enlargements and doesn’t like them because they look too big -_-


11. Seeing Lucy Benjamin’s face for the first time in decades!


We can’t wait for next week’s show!