Donatella has never been shy when it comes to the pictures she posts on her Instagram page, and one image she uploaded on Thursday didn’t go down so well with some of her fans.


Followers of the popular presenter criticised her for glamorising drugs, after she uploaded a picture of marijuana.

The image showed a half smoked spliff, some cannabis, and a heart shaped tin with the text “Keep Calm and Smoke Weed’, on it.

One fan said: Errrggghhhh unfollow! Loser! While another added: You absolute #bellend


On Wednesday, Donatella left the UK to relocate to California, and is rumoured to be starring in her own reality show.

Other images on her Instrgam page show her love for the drug, popular with celebrities such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa.


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