Former Eastenders actor Chucky Venn, who played  the role of Ray Dixon, is back on our screens with a new online drama called The Method of Love.

The 40-year-old set up a production company called Star Reach Productions, in partnership with Blue Sky Arts & Media, and The Method of Love is his first project.


Chucky takes on the role of property developer, Chris Nduka, whose issues with commitment and love of sex, stem from a troubled and dark childhood.

The show was developed with co-creator Caroline Chinakwe, and focuses on the exploration of love and its many definitions.

Chucky revealed that it was very important to make a show that he could relate to.

Coming off Eastenders I knew that my next venture would be to set up my own production company that produced dramas that reflected me, the society that I grew up in and people I knew, which is often not showcased in British drama.

I wanted something that didn’t tackle the clichéd issues usually depicted like, drugs, gangs and cold violence.

The Method of Love will launch on Valentine’s Day on the show’s YouTube channel at 5pm.