Fazer has made it pretty clear that his N-Dubz days are over, in a video he released on his YouTube page today.


The rapper and producer revealed that he would be re-branding, which judging by the black and white video, means no more N-Dubz and the start of a solo career.


The clip shows a topless Fazer sitting in a room, looking at old N-Dubz memorabilia and photos, before stashing them away in a box, then putting that box under the bed.


His daughter Ava Rose also stars in the video, symbolising his growth from a boy to a man. Fazer’s ‘new chapter’ comes as he celebrates his 27th birthday. He released the video at 5pm and even rented out room no.5 in some apartment. He’s thought of everything!


The video ends with Fazer staring into the camera and telling viewers that he is now Richard Rawson. And we better start calling him that or else! (Well he didn’t actually say ‘or else’, but the look in his eyes did.)

Of course someone will have to update his Wikipedia page, his Twitter handle has changed and that reunion he said depends on him in 2012, might just not happen.

Check out Richard Rawson’s video on Pappzd XTRA now.