Another day, another footballer in court facing rape charges…

Nile Ranger was arrested in January last year, after a student claimed she was raped by him in a hotel.

The Swindon Town forward has denied the allegations and told the jury at Newcastle Crown Court that he is not Jack the Ripper.

The comment comes after text messages between Nile and his alleged victim were read out in court.


In the messages, Nile attempts to persuade his accuser to spend time with him , when she refuses he says: ‘You’re moving like I am Jack the Ripper’ to which the victim replies ‘Nile Ripper’.

Prosecutors claim the messages show the woman was not sexually interested in Nile and had refused his advances.

Nile had been messaging the woman during a three to four month period, and claims they had consensual sex twice. He told the court that he had never had sexual activity with a female against her wishes and said the woman agreed to visit a hotel with him.

She has however rubbished his claims, calling him a sex pest and a predator. The court heard how she woke up naked, couldn’t remember a thing and was told by Ranger to take the morning after pill. It was after a visit to the GP for emergency contraception before visiting the emergency department at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, that she reported Nile to the police.

The trial continues.