Director and actor Fredi ‘Kruga’ Nwaka, revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse, in a touching speech at the screening of his film Some Things on Saturday.

Fredi began by telling the audience how he was in an out of foster homes as a child. When he was six, his foster sister at the time would engage in sexual activities with him. He explained that he believed their relationship was ‘normal’.

At the time I kinda thought it was normal, because I was six. I never really understood that what I was doing was wrong. I only found out what was wrong when I was 15 and I started beating girls and I kind of attributed what I went though when I was young to what I was going through.

He added that he kept his abuse secret for years, and only told some family members last week.

Up until now I’ve always blocked it out. I never spoken to anyone about it, it’s that bad even my mum and dad don’t even know it. So I told my brother’s and sisters last night so now I’m sharing with you.

His emotional speech was met with applause from the audience, before other guest speakers took to the stage to share their stories.

A scene from Fredi's film Some Things

A scene from Fredi’s film Some Things

Fredi runs a campaign called I’m A Survivor, that encourages young people to speak out about abuse and also presents workshops to help individuals who have suffered.

His latest film Some things deals with child abuse and stars Ashley Walter’s wife, Danielle.