If there was ever a time to start watching Newsnight, it would have been yesterday.

Antenna star Fuse ODG, appeared on the BBC show, talking about the image of Africa and how Afrobeats is helping to change it.


Wearing his trademark TINA cap, the 25-year-old explained to host Jeremy Paxman that the Africa shown on TV, isn’t accurate.

Growing up in the UK, Africa wasn’t perceived in an amazing way. I took a trip back to Africa a couple of years ago and my experience of Africa was completely different from what I’d been seeing on TV from when I was younger, or how my peers in secondary school saw Africa.


Fuse went on to explain the side of Africa that the media fail to talk about.

There’s so many other images that people have missed, so many other feelings. When I land in Africa the feeling I get is such an amazing feeling. It annoyed me that I was in the UK and this type of feeling wasn’t portrayed on our TVs and radios.


The south London musician informed Jeremy, in case he didn’t know, that he was a MOBO Award winner and told him about that speech, where he talked about changing the face of Africa.

A curious Jeremy asked if African culture had started to have an impact on British culture and if ‘white kids’ now wanted to be African.

That’s actually what’s happening. There’s a white girl in class her phone rings and it’s D’ banj Oliver Twist, or it’s Fuse ODG Antenna playing on the phone. Things have really changed. And to me that sense of pride, feeling proud to be African for the young people is really important.


Fuse then performed his hit track Million Pound Girl for Jeremy who sooo wanted to dance.

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