We all know them. They claim to be in a great relationship with a long term boyfriend. But everybody knows, including her deep down, that’s she’s just a side dish.

And some girls don’t mind being a side chick, except on Valentine’s Day. Nobody wants to be a side chick on 14 February.

So in case you’re wondering if that will be your fate in 13 days, here’s some tips to help you figure out if you’ll be spending V-Day without him this year.

1. He’s suddenly disappeared from your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and every other social media platform you’re on.


2.  He suggests you go out on 15 February.


3. He tells you he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.


4. He spends Valentine’s Day with you during unsociable hours .valentines-day-booty-call

5. He cancels dinner and says he will take you out for lunch.

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6. He hasn’t mentioned Valentine’s Day or even the month of February once this year .


7. He intentionally starts an argument on 13 February that leads to you not talking for 24hrs.


8. He claims that he’s taking his mother/sister/aunt/cousin, out because she’s lonely.

That's Wiz Khalifa kissing his mum btw...

That’s Wiz Khalifa kissing his mum btw…

9. He’s broke.


10. He suddenly has to work the late shift .