Valentine’s day isn’t all about the girls you know. Guys like to be treated too. So why not give the man in your life something special to commemorate the day of lurve. And with the day only being around the corner, it’s time to start present buying. What are you waiting for?

Sexy Lingerie

No it isn’t for him. Unless he’s into that kind of thing. It’s for you to wear for him. Why? Because you can’t really trust a man to buy underwear for you; it’ll go wrong somewhere down the line, because only you know what you’re comfortable wearing. This way, you’ll both be happy!


Pink and Black Lace Corset by Ann Summers – £25

Video Games

I know, I know. It’s not the most romantic thing but boys will be boys. Once you’re both done being all lovey-dovey with each other for a full 24 hours, your guy might want to go back to being all rough and rugged like he usually is.


FIFA 14 Collector’s Edition for PS3 by Game – £54.99

Sports Match Tickets

Again, some men just can’t take the sweet mushy stuff for too long and need to get back to the roughness after a while. So take him to see favourite team play his favourite sport?


Sports Event Tickets by StubHub – £various prices

New Clothes

Nothing extravagant; it’s not Christmas or his birthday yet, but a few stylish t-shirts or a nice jacket would go down nicely with your partner.

contrast-polo-shirtWhite and Blue Contrast Polo Shirt by River Island – £22