Rita Ora sports long hair extensions this week in New York

Rita Ora is a slave to hair extensions and dye. The How We Do singer can’t seem to decide whether she wants it long or short, white, blonde or grey. And we’re starting to get very worried about her natural hair.


She wore her hair in a short bob a few days ago.

We’re not sure if Rita’s been watching Bodyshockers and the horrible stories of those weave addicts, so just in case she hasn’t, we’ve collated 10 pictures that will make Rita think twice before putting her hair through stress.

1. The Naomi-nofronthair-Campbell

Naomi Campbell weave

Naomi shocked the world when she was snapped with a quarter of her hair missing.  She has been wearing weaves for years.

2. This poor lady everyone’s talking about on Facebook


This, ladies and gentlemen, is apparently what happens when you leave weave in for six months. It gets mouldy and has to be cut off. Mould people!

3. The Britney-recoveringbaldie-Spears


We all thought Britney Spears was crazy when she shaved her hair off. But what was even crazier was her going out in public like this. That could be you Rita!

4. The unintentional Rihanna side shaven head


We know Rita secretly wants to be Rihanna. But not like this…

5. Kim Kardashian’s disappearing hair


Don’t think weave damage is just a black hair thing Rita. Kanye’s going to be very disappointed if Kim keeps playing with her hair like this.

6. The will-my-long-hair-disguise-my-bald-patch?


Lindsay Lohan showed off this bald patch after years of wearing extensions. Is this what you want people to see when you turn around Rita?

7. The no-its-not-headlice look


Not cute Paris Hilton.

8. The hole in the head


Serena Williams couldn’t even hide the tennis ball sized hole, where her hair used to be.

9. The black-chewing-gum-in-you-hair look


We’re sure you’ve got fancy hairdressers who take care of your locks Rita, but this could still be you…

10. Every girl’s worst nightmare!


Don’t let it come to this.


Or is it too late?