Young O released the video for his track Yeah I’m the Man last night, and even though he doesn’t star in it, he made sure we had something nice to look at.

Personal trainer and model Sahara Santos stars as the main girl in the three minute video, and unlike the pictures and videos on her Instagram page, she is fully dressed.


Sahara in a white crop top, far right, rests her hand on another girl’s bum.

The pretty brunette recently joined Taz’s Angels, a group of insanely attractive girls with hot bodies, who are based in Miami and owned by some guy called Taz.

The group upload pictures and videos of themselves, to their Instagram page, living a life we reckon should be made into a reality TV show.


The model’s Instagram page is full of similar pictures.

We’re not sure what they actually do apart from have fun and look good, but with bodies like theirs, it’s no wonder Young O asked Sahara to star in his video.


In the clip Sahara goes on a tour of London, accompanied by a mystery partner we don’t see until the end of the story.

The Brazilian model starred in Young O’s Tesco Truck video, and we’re kind of hoping she becomes a regular feature in his upcoming projects.

But enough about Sahara. How amazing is the track?!