It’s the 13 February, and as a side chick you’re either being taken out tonight by your ‘boyfriend’ or you’re crossing your fingers, hoping he’ll leave his girlfriend and ask you to be his Valentine.

It’s likely you wont be celebrating with him this year, so here’s some side chick rules, to ensure you behave yourself on the 14 February.

1. Don’t expect to be in contact with him from 7pm. And seeing as Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, expect your first contact with him to be on Monday.


2. If you happen to bump into him on Valentine’s Day, say hi quickly then be on your way. His main chick is probably near by.


3. Don’t call his phone, you know who he’s with and you know he’s busy. Wait for him to call you, when he’s ready.waiting-for-phonecall-valentines-day

4. Do not try and surprise him with a trip to a fancy restaurant and desert at yours, you will be disappointed.


5. Don’t be bitter and tweet indirects. It’s not cute.


6. Don’t try and expose him to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. He’ll be mad at you and you’ll still be alone.


Good luck!