On Sunday, 9 March Gravesend in Kent had the highest temperature in the country, recording 20.5C. Other cities peaked at 17C,18C and 19C.

In true British fashion everybody went crazy. BBQs were taken out of the shed, bikinis were put on and thousands made their way to Hyde Park.

We all like the sun, especially after that horrible winter we had, but do we really have to act like we’ve never experienced summer before every year?!

Here’s six things that happen when we get a bit of unexpected sun in the UK.

1. Short shorts make a comeback.


2. You discover new scents of sweat.


3. Hyde Park becomes a hunting ground.


4. Working is impossible, but you keep at it anyway. Still, someone asks the CEO if the office can take the day off.


5. Everyone wants to talk about the weather like World War 3 isn’t about to happen in eastern Europe.


6. The crazy people in Brixton get even crazier.