Elizabeth became first person in Britain to get eyelash and eyebrow transplants on the same day

A mother from Essex is the first patient in the UK to have eyelash and eyebrow surgery on the same day.

The procedure was carried out at Manchester’s Crown Clinic by surgeon Asim Shahmalak, and involved using hair from the back of her head.

36-year-old Elizabeth opted for the surgery after damaging her eyelids by constantly wearing false eyelashes. She wanted thicker eyebrows because stars such as the Duchess of Cambridge and Cara Delevingne have made them popular. And everyone wants to be popular these days.


Elizabeth before the procedure

During the surgery, a strip of hair was taken from the back of Elizabeth’s scalp and the individual hair follicles removed. The new hair was then transplanted into her eyelashes and brows.


A special needle threaded 35 new lashes into upper eyelids, while 400 hairs were individually transplanted to give Elizabeth thicker brows.

Asim Shahmalak explained that he is the only surgeon in the UK carrying out eyelash transplants. Which makes him pretty special.

We are fast catching up with America where both these procedures have been common in the last few years.
Elizabeth’s new lashes and brows will last her for the rest of her life. It is amazing what these operations can do for a woman’s confidence and over-all well-being.

Well hopefully the procedure will become so popular we won’t have to see faces like this anymore:


Or this: