Neon Jungle are the type of girls you wished you hung around with at school. They’re funny, good looking and have amazing clothes.


We spoke to the talented foursome at the National Citizen Service’s Yes Live event in February, where they told us about their collaboration plans, modelling contracts and what it’s like living together.

Its not as fun as people think it would be, like people think it must be a mad house having crazy parties all the time, we get in and are like “Alright night guys”.

Neon Jungle's video for Braveheart

Neon Jungle’s video for Braveheart

Which is perfectly understandable. The girls have been busy this year; scoring their first top 10 hit last month with Braveheart and signing modelling contracts, sleep is probably a major luxury for them. But taking a break isn’t really on their minds, the girls are planning collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Maybe Beyonce, Bruno Mars. Let’s start a rumor. You’ll have to wait and see.

In between a fit of giggles the girls explain how crazy their journey has been so far, and reveal that even though they don’t know what the future holds, they are here to stay.

Considering our song came out 19 January  and entered the charts a week later, it was literally almost exactly a year since we’d been together, so it was really like a time of reflection for us, as this time last year we didn’t really know each other and now we’ve got a top 5 single, we’re here to stay man. We don’t even know where we’ll be tomorrow, every thing is happening so fast.

Neon Jungle explained that their latest track Welcome to the Jungle is an introduction, a chance for people to learn a bit about who they really are.

And if the trailer for the song is anything to go by, these girls have a wild and very sexy side they’re about to unleash very soon.

Welcome to the Jungle is due for release in April.

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