Unlike France, Thailand or Italy, the UK is not known for its mouth watering, life changing culinary dishes.

A lot of people seem to think we’re just Fish and Chips, Christmas Dinner, Sunday Roast and a Full English. Maybe we are…

Our cuisine has also been voted the worst in the world year after year.

Why you ask? I’ll let these pictures do the talking

1. Black Pudding


Why would anyone want to eat something that could get mistaken for coal? Why is the word pudding involved? Why am I eating pigs blood?!

2. Stargazy Pie


Presentation was just thrown out of the window when some nutjob came up with the idea for Stargazy pie. This is just scary, unless you like being stared at by dead fish…

3. Crisp Sandwich


I’m a bit too classy for Crisp sandwiches, though I’ve heard they taste pretty nice.

4. Curry and Chips


 This is what happens when you mix two different foods together, from two different countries. Vom-fest

5. Jellied Eels


These just look like fish faeces.

6. Beans on Toast


When I was served beans on toast at my friend’s house for dinner, I really hoped it was a starter.

7. Stuffing


It kind of looks like all the leftover food in the sink after you clean the dishes.

8. Traditional Christmas Cake


Aka a heart attack.

9. Scotch Eggs


No matter how fancy M&S try to make them look, Scotch Eggs just don’t do it for me.

10. Haggis


I’m not even sure where to begin with this image. But that knife is probably to kill yourself with after the meal.

Have we missed anything out? What do you think of our food?