Lauryn Hill coming to London for one off tour date

The multi talented Lauryn Hill will be coming to London on 21 September for an exclusive one off show at the Brixton Academy. Her second British performance in five years.

Things have been a bit crazy in the life of Lauryn since her Sister Act days, so we though we’d take a look at her career highs and lows before we spend monthly mani/pedi funds on tickets.

1. That Album

Miseducation of Lauryn Hill solo album

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was the definitive album of the late Nineties and was her only solo studio release. The Grammy award winning album spawned classics like Ex-Factor and Doo Wop (That Thing) and for most music critics and the Pappzd team, remains one of the top ten albums of the last 20 years.

 2.  Pre – solo career success


We all remember singing along badly to the infectious gospel songs in Sister Act 2, but it was Lauryn Hill’s scene stealing performance in the film’s final scene t that gave us all goosebumps. The film was a launchpad for Hill’s singing career which she then followed by joining the Fugees. Their multi-platinum album The Score and hit single Killing Me Softly led to the group becoming one of the biggest selling act of the Nineties.

 3. Jail time

Lauryn Hill jailed for tax evasion

We really didn’t want Lauryn to do a Lindsay Lohan and end up in jail for some foolishness, but when she was given three months for tax evasion we collectively shook our heads. Hill  said at the time “I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them. I had an economic system imposed on me.” We hear you L Boogie but we all gotta pay our bloody taxes even if they are imposed by “the man.”

 4. Madness on tour

Lauryn Hill booed on tour by fans for lateness

We could tell Lauryn had sipped on some crazy juice when she went slightly loco at a show in Vatican City. Lauryn attacked the Catholic Church for molestation claims saying “Holy God has witnessed the corruption of your leadership of the exploitation and abuses which are the minimum that can be said for the clergy.”

Old tensions from her days in the Fugees also reappeared when the group toured Europe in 2005. Hill apparently demanded that Wyclef and Pras address her as “Ms Hill” and this, coupled with her lateness to rehearsals, meant the group didn’t even manage to record another album. When she went on her solo tour she was usually two hours late, looked a hot mess and was booed by fans. Let’s just hope L Boogie doesn’t pull this nonsense again when she comes to the UK.

 5. Baby father drama

Lauryn Hill with kids

We can’t talk about Ms Hill and not mention her baby father drama. Lauryn married Rohan Marley, son of reggae legend Bob Marley and had five children. Their sudden separation was a shock but then Rohan got engaged briefly to Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana whilst Lauryn had a sixth child with a mystery man she still hasn’t told us about. We’re still waiting Lauryn!

Are you going to see Lauryn in September? Let us know what tracks you are looking out for.