What We’re About

Pappzd Magazine reports gossip and news stories about UK urban culture. We’re not a music site, we’re not a press releases site and we’re not limited to any race, gender or ideology. We just like to report news which raises our eyebrows so we can share it with you.

We will cover almost anything as long as it is something that we feel would be interesting to people like us. Who are we? We’re a team of young writers, photographers and creatives from Britain’s urban landscape.

Our team come from the UK’s big cities and so we’re interested in urban culture. We want to report news that would be interesting to people like us.

UK Only Reporting

We only report news which has a British angle. Either the people involved must be British or the events reported took place in Britain. Alternatively, we might report on how British people feel about an international story.

Know Something We Should?

If you have news you think we would be interested in you can send it to us on our send us stuff page. But please understand, we’re not a news blog, we won’t just post a story about you or your new album or mix-tape, and we won’t cover an event that’s coming up just because it exists.

If there’s no gossip in the story it’s not usable by us. If you’re an artist please don’t say we don’t support you after you send us your press release and we don’t publish your news because again; if there’s no gossip in the story it’s not usable by us.

Commenting Rules

Pappzd is all about you. We want to know what you think of the stories we publish so please go ahead and leave comments. We only ask that you respect other people’s views and their right to be different. By all means go ahead and disagree and get aggy if it’s reasonable or necessary, but keep it all above the belt and within the rules of war.

So no attacking people personally and definitely no offending anybody in any way that is sexist, racist, or disrespectful to any disabilities, sexual preference or religious beliefs. We won’t tolerate any comments that are deliberately intended to harm or cause offence to another member or visitor and will immediately remove any that are.

The best case scenario is that we’ll delete your comments and ban you, the worst case is we’ll cooperate with the authorities if your comments incite hatred in any way.

So let’s keep it sensible, fun and fair. Oh, and please don’t write comments in all UPPERCASE. We’ll delete those even if they say how wonderful we are, they’re just very ugly and difficult to read.

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