Monday 25 November 2013, London, United Kingdom – Pappzd Magazine has today launched Pappzd XTRA, a video hosting platform showcasing the best trending material from the UK and around the globe.

Visitors can access this XTRA content from Monday 25 November 2013 at Additionally, there is a new link in the main navigation menu called XTRA.

Pappzd XTRA will continue to deliver the same quality content that Pappzd Magazine readers have come to expect, and will remain focused on protecting the unique identity of UK urban culture across all genres while also opening up to the vast array of content from around the globe.

For the first time ever fans of popular YouTube sensations in previously overlooked genres such as Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Business Leadership, Dance, Emerging Music, Fashion, and the hugely popular and rapidly growing segment of the Webseries will have a single central platform where they can regularly catch up with the latest installments, episodes or releases from their favourite channels.

Pappzd XTRA offers every visitor an opportunity to fully engage by becoming a member of the site, allowing them to post comments on videos, create and participate in lively forum discussions, ‘like’ videos in order to keep a personalised list of bookmarks, and share with anybody else on the web with their favourite social networks.

Any visitor can suggest videos for inclusion on Pappzd XTRA, but only site members will be able to submit YouTube and Vimeo clips directly.

All videos watched on Pappzd XTRA automatically contribute to the view count on the original source channel.

Pappzd XTRA additionally offers various on-page advertising and video promo opportunities, details of which can be found on the website and by contacting the Pappzd XTRA team.

Co founder and editor of Pappzd, Annabelle Obiri said:

For too long I felt that there was a whole corner of YouTube which was being left out and we wanted to do something about it.

I watch all these fantastic, young new performers who work hard to create such wonderful video productions and then promote them on Twitter and Facebook and there was no one place they could all put their work collectively. I found myself having to constantly click through hundreds of channels just to keep up.

We were already doing this with so Pappzd XTRA was a natural extension. I really think this is what has been missing.